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ANDREY short film by Nariné Mkrtchyan

I've watched this film Andrey on a DVD-R sent to me from a connected friend.

Andrei Tarkovsky visited Armenia in 1965 and filmed at length at the Geghardavank monastery. In Andrey, we see this archive material juxtaposed with images from the street today. According to the makers, he was looking for God, because only His presence was felt there. Attractive, poetic homage to the maestro Tarkovski.

The film consists of B/W doc footage of behind the scenes of Tarkovsky and his crew milling about the location intercut by new colour footage by Mkrtchyan matching the architecture and restaging events in the B/W footage such as an elderly woman and a young boy with a sheep.

I don't believe any actual footage shot by Tarkovsky is in "Andrey" so I wonder if any of the footage survives. I would also love to read more information of his reasoning and possible discussions he had with others of his interest in the location.

Unless I overlooked the material I'm surprised this fascinating venture by Tarkovsky was never mentioned before in any of the books I've read or online. Anyone else here heard of the Geghardavank monastery and the belief only HIS presence was felt there?
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