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This forum is meant to be an extension of the themes and concerns of our website. Please keep the focus on spirituality, philosophy and cinema. Thank you!
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Rules of the Board

It has become necessary to outline in more specific terms the guidelines for this forum:

1). The atmosphere on the board should be one of dignity, not petty bickering and ridicule. Whether it comes to ridiculing other people's views or "In the Light of Truth: The Grail Message" (or any other book for spiritual seekers), such ridicule does not qualify as meaningful contribution and will be deleted.

2). Members of the board should be able to offer their views without the fear of having their words twisted, distorted and ridiculed by others. The atmosphere of lively, dignified debate is beneficial for everyone, while the atmosphere of scoffing and mocking is unhealthy and oppressive for everyone. This forum is for seekers, not for scoffers.

3). It goes without saying that personal attacks on any member of the board will not be tolerated. This policy has nothing to do with appeasing "hurt feelings", but with preserving a certain level of dignity for the discussions.

4). Any member, who violates the above guidelines, will usually be warned in a private message, and if he persists, will be banned from the board.

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