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The Golem

I just got a copy of the new Black Ox Orkestra CD on Constellation Records (whom I believe Nathan mentioned in connection with his Winter Water film)...They play a post diasporic Klezmer, and are worth your time. The album is called "Nisht Azoy" (translation: Not Like This). And after watching Wegener's movie "The Golem" last night, I felt inclined to post these lyrics up from said album...

The Golem

We made a new Golem,
We created our guard;
Without soul and without mercy,
He watches the gate.

Like the cameras on the fence,
Like the barbs on the wire,
Like the concrete barricades,
He becomes landscape.

But no. It can't go on.
No it can't go on.
Not like this.

By the watered gardens,
The red roofs in the hills;
Under the gaze of wall and tower
We delineate a new ghetto.

Now the golem wipes our brows,
He wipes away the Aleph.
And we stand as still as clay,
We all stand still as clay.

But no it can't go on.
No.It can't go on.
Not like this.
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Re: The Golem

Just got the Black ox Orchestra CD - what can I say? Another incredible Constellation release, even more challenging than the Godspeed or Silver Mt.Zion.
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