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In the Beginning Was Consciousness...

I wrote a lengthy foward to this but my post seems to a got lost. It's late and I don't feel like writing it again. Anyway I would urge all on this board to watch this video by a Dr. Seyyed H. Nasr, a scholar of the first order on the realms of comparitive religion/islamic studies and traditional philosopihes/sciences. It is a truly memzmorizing lecture on some themes disscussed on this board. It was given at the prestigious Dudleian lectures at the Harvard divinity school in 2002. It can be found here.

Here is what Dr. Nasr had to say about his departure from the world of physics sometime ago at another lecture he presented at a while back at MIT:

"In the 1950s, and I hate to be autobiographical but just for two minutes because it has to do with the subject at hand, when I was a student here at this University studying physics, the late Bertrand Russell, the famous British philosopher, gave a series of lectures at MIT. I never forget that when I went to that lecture, he said that modern science has nothing to do with the discovery of the nature of reality, and he gave certain reasons. And I came home, and I couldn't sleep all night. I thought that I had gone to MIT not because I was rich, or because the Iranian government forced me to go, [but] to learn the nature of reality. And here was one of the famous philosophers of the day [saying this was not to be]. This deviated me from the path of becoming a physicist, and I spent the next few years, parallel with all the other physics and mathematics courses I had to take, [studying] the philosophy of science both here, and at Harvard. It was that which really led me to study the philosophy of science and finally the Islamic philosophy of science and Islamic cosmology, to which I have devoted the last thirty years of my life."

I do hope you all watch the lecture all the way through, as I await your comments.

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