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Re: The gap between artfilm and audience - Chris Kelvin

Yes, transferring digital video to film is more expensive than transferring 16mm, but shooting your film on 16mm almost inevitably gives it that cheap, "student film" look. And when it is further blown up to 35mm, it looks even worse. Plus the sound quality on 16mm is downright awful by any standards. Of course, one can always turn these negatives into positives, if the concept of your film fits that grainy, unrefined look (as was very well done in "Pi", for instance), but if you want to come close to the 35mm look, then digital video (with post-production filters) is your best and cheapest bet. Shooting on film (of any gauge) will always be expensive, because wasted footage is unavoidable (yet still must be paid for, which isn't the case with video). Another option is Super16mm: it comes very close to 35mm in film stock quality, sound quality and, unfortunately, also in price.

There is a little confusion about the DVD regions. Region 0 is region FREE (0), which means that anybody in the world can play the disc as long as they have a multi-system player that can accept either NTSC or PAL. "Return to Light" is region 0 and plays in NTSC anywhere in the world. "Naqoyqatsi", however, is region 1, which is limited to U.S. and Canada.

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